5 Tips To Boost iPhone & iPad’s Battery Life | Something that can kill your iPhone

What is up guys? Today I am going to present you 5 tips that might may preserve your iPhone or iPad Battery life, like which adapters should you use, if it’s recommended to let the phone charge over night, how to get it charging faster and a small thing about the sync cable that might KILL your iPhone!

Using a broken power cord, no matter if standard 40-pin connector (iPhone 2G to 4S) or lightning connection (iPhone 5 to maybe 7S?), can really damage your battery and can also render your iDevice unusable. Fun fact, it actually happened to me to have my iPhone 5 killed by an apparently working cable. In the video down bellow you have 5 good practices that will definitely increase your battery life, and also will save you some money 😉 Enjoy!

I really hope this tips will help you preserve your iPhone or iPad’s battery life 🙂
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