iOS Older iBOOT EXPLOIT UPDATE: It Allows Downgrades | It is Untethered (iOS 7 & lower)

In today's video, we have a continuation of the previous one I made on the release of an older iOS iBoot exploit that has been released by xerub. The iBoot exploit compatible with iOS 7 is the newest exploit for iBoot released publicly and prior to it, we only had an iOS 4 exploit available. Of course, between iOS 4 and iOS 7, a lot of things have changed on iOS, so the iOS 4 exploit was not that useful anymore. However, this exploit is very powerful and very useful for future development.

Although it is not compatible with iOS 8 and newer, the exploit can still be used on any iOS 7.1.2 or older iOS version and on these versions it allows full control of the boot process which means that you can happily load a custom Kernel, or even downgrade untethered to a lower version (I see how that would make all iPhone 4 users happy).

It appears that the iBoot exploit is also persistent (untethered), so you don't have to worry about triggering it from a PC. This is an important factor if we want to downgrade to an older version without having to pwn the device manually every time we boot. Some people may say that nobody runs iOS 7.x nowadays, well, that is certainly not true. See the iPhone 4S. It has both iOS 9.3.5 (incompatible with this exploit) and iOS 6.1.3 (compatible) signed. If you downgrade to iOS 6.1.3, you get full control of the boot chain and you're able to load whatever kernel you wish. Same goes for iPhone 4 which can finally downgrade. There are also people whos till have iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Generation devices running iOS 7.x. These people can take advantage of this exploit.

Of course, the greatest thing is not the exploit itself but the heap of information it comes in the form of a write-up. That write-up contains information that hasn't been published before and wasn't easily accessible for the beginner researchers. I can see how this would help future development as there is now a better understanding of how iBoot works.

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