Taurine Jailbreak is BETTER Than Unc0ver, Here’s Why! (iOS 14.3 – 14.0 Jailbreak, All Devices)

In this video, we’re going to talk about which jailbreak is better for iOS 14.3 down to iOS 14.0 on all devices. We’re comparing Unc0ver to the recently released Taurine Jailbreak and I will give my opinion on why Taurine jailbreak is actually better than Unc0ver from the technical standpoint. Of course, both of them are solid jailbreak utilities and in the end, you should use whatever works best for you. We’re also taking a look at what components each jailbreak uses and why one is better than the other.

This video contains my own opinion which is based on the facts about the two jailbreaks, but it’s in no way scientifically proven. It’s best to assess both jailbreaks yourself and find out which one you prefer better because the difference can actually be made by what tweaks you use and on which device too. Note that this video won’t talk about the battery draining. Both jailbreaks have pros and cons in this department and it’s frankly highly dependent on the age of the battery, the tweaks you use, and how many you have, so it’s best if you do your own test there.

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