iOS 13 B1 / iOS 12.2 / 12.1.3 JAILBREAK News: New Jailbreak Exploit With ROOT Achieved

In today's video, we're discussing @DanyL931's latest achievement, that is arbitrary code execution (RCE) with ROOT privileges on Apple's latest and greatest – iOS 13 Beta 1 released just two days ago. Dany has announced on his Twitter account that he successfully achieved this just 2 days after the first beta was made available for the registered developers which is definitely very impressive and quite useful for the #Jailbreak community. Not only that Dany's actions go to prove that iOS 13 is definitely far from being Jailbreak-proof, but it also provides a very important component for a future iOS 13 and lower Jailbreak, RCE being a very good step forward.

Being able to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges is the dream of any jailbreak developer. While this is nowhere near a complete Jailbreak, this puts the developer light years ahead as he can now perform actions the #iOS system would normally not allow the standard, unprivileged mobile user to perform.

It is unknown for the moment whether Dany will publish or not his RCE exploit, but given the history he has in releasing valuable vulnerabilities he discovered for iOS 12.2 and lower (which can also be used for a #Jailbreak), he might publish it once Apple patches the vulnerability (as Dany is known to go the responsible disclosure path). At any rate, this is a very important achievement, especially in the light of multiple claims that iOS 13 would put an end to Jailbreaking – definitely seems more alive than ever with 2 vulnerabilities in iOS 13 found in the first two days of its existence.

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