iOS 14.5 / 14.3 / 14.0 How To Secure Your iOS Device With UFO VPN (Fast And Secure VPN) With No Logs

In this video, I am gonna show you how to use UFO VPN to secure your internet connection and your device on iOS 14.5 all the way down to iOS 12. UFO VPN is a Virtual Private Network application, which conceals your real IP Address to the website you visit, thus allowing you to remain anonymous to the website you visit. Since the VPN allocates you a random IP address from a random country, this allows you to access websites that wouldn’t normally be available in your country.

Protecting your IP address is important. A quick reverse-lookup reveals your location pretty easily from your IP address, and since many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide static addresses to their customers, websites can keep track of your activity online. But it’s not only websites that a VPN protects you from. They also conceal your navigation habits from your own ISP. While your Internet Provider can’t see which pages of a site you visit, they can see which websites you visit. So, they cannot see that you visit but they see that you visit and that is enough to keep tabs on your activity. A VPN prevents that because all the traffic is routed through the encrypted VPN service.

UFO VPN provides state-of-the-art encryption for their connection and a strict NO Longs policy. It’s also available on all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows so that you can remain secure no matter what device you use.

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