iOS 10.2 Yalu Dark Jailbreak – Beta 9 RELEASED (With SSH FIX)

In today's video I bring you the Beta 9 of my fork for yalu102, Yalu Dark. This update comes with a fix for one of the issues I spotted on the last version, that being the SSH connection using DropBear returning "Connection Refused" or "ssh_exchange" errors. The fix is pretty easy to be done tho, and it involves correcting the DropBear plist file. The Beta 9 includes a fixed one, but if you decide to apply the fix, by removing .installed_yaluX to leave the B9 install its updated files, your tweaks will also be removed (because the Jailbreak is reinstalled). If you DON'T Remove the .installed_yaluX file, you can use the Beta 9 with no issues with the existing Jailbreak. If you want to apply the fix, yet you still want to preserve your tweaks, you will have to apply the fix manually. A tutorial on how to fix it manually and preserve the tweaks is available down bellow:

How to apply the SSH Fix manually to preserve the installed tweaks:

1) On your Jailbroken device (yes, you can Jailbreak normally with Beta 9 without being required to apply the fix),  install Filza File Manager in Cydia 
2) Go to /Library/LaunchDaemons/
3) Remove Dropbear.Plist
4) Download this version and place it in the folder from where you removed Dropbear.Plist (
5) Reboot & Jailbreak again, you should have SSH working again with Yalu Dark Beta 8 or Beta 9 and still have your tweaks.

Note: If you don't want to do this manually as presented, just remove .installed_yaluX from /, and Yalu Dark Beta 9 will reinstall everything for you, but you will lose the tweaks!

Yalu Dark Beta 9:
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