About our channel

Current update: We've got verified on YouTube and Google+.

F.C.E. 365 TV – iDevice Central is a YouTube channel created to help iOS and OS X developers and beginners to fix their broken devices, or to build applications for iOS. The channel itself was started back in 2011, and ever since it provided quality tutorials and video lessons more than 25.000+ subscribers.

Our main goal at F.C.E. 365 is to bring the best tutorials that are verified, fail-safe to prevent beginners from doing more bad than good to their broken device, and the latest iOS and Jailbreak news.

As a company, we are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

The channel splits into 3 big components showcased as video types:

  • Tutorials for fixing iOS / OS X devices with various software or hardware defects.
  • iOS / OS X Xcode Programming Lessons for App building and Security Assessing.
  • Apple World News, like Jailbreak, new iOS versions, updates, Security Hot-fixes and Reviews of various software.

Our Twitter account: @FCE365 is used to bring the latest updates to the followers as well as to enter in close discussions with people who need a specific tutorial or who don't understand a specific task.

We're doing our best to get our Twitter account verified as well so that people can know for sure that they are talking with the real F.C.E. 365 iDevice Central, not with an imposter. We had impersonation issues in the past and we'd love to prevent them int he future.

Thanks Google for verifying our YouTube Channel and our Google+ Page


You can contact us directly at: