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iOS DualBoot – NEW COOLBOOTER (32-Bit Jailbroken DualBoot) CLI UPDATE

Yes! A couple hours ago we've got yet another update to Coolbooter, exactly after I've published the video about the update made 3 days ago. This time the update is for CoolBooter CLI instead of CoolBooter App (the difference is that the CLI tool works in Terminal while the App represents a normal iOS application)…

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iOS DualBoot – Coolbooter UPDATED (DualBoot Jailbroken 32-Bit) now for iPhone 4S

In today's video we're quickly discussing about CoolBooter that has been updated to fully support iPhone 4S. Coolbooter is an application that works with Jailbroken 32-Bit devices so that you can have 2 different iOS versions at the same time running on your iPhone and you can switch between them as you wish. This method,…

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iOS 10.3.1 / 10.3.2 Current Jailbreak Status (June Week 1), iOS 11 & New Downgrade

In today's video we're discussing about the current situation on the Jailbreak world as well as what you should do if you're currently not Jailbroken. As you probably remember, a couple of days ago Apple has released the first iOS 11 Beta to the registered Developers and, of course, quite a lot of people wanted…

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